Our main priority is for the welfare of your dog.   We can brush out minor tangles, but we will not attempt to brush a matted coat, we will only be prepared to clip a matted coat short for the welfare and comfort of your dog.

The following is included in your dogs grooming session:

Pre-groom discussion:
It is important to us that you are completely happy with your dogs finished style, therefore we like to talk through the styling with you.  We will also ask if your dog has any health conditions or other issues that will be important to watch for while grooming. E.g. lumps or bumps, sore or sensitive places, skin conditions, or a health problem like arthritis, diabetes or epilepsy, or if your dog has any behaviour concerns.

Pre-groom Check:
We check the condition of your dogs coat and skin, also check for any small lumps or bumps or skin/coat conditions that you may not have noticed.
Nails, Pads & Ears: 
 We check your dogs nails and trim them if needed. We check the pads for cracking or trapped items and trim pad hair if needed.  We clean    your dogs ears with ear cleaning fluid, We will also check for signs of an    ear infection possibly starting

 We only use all natural professional dog shampoos, We have a wide selection and will make an appropriate selection for your dogs needs
.  During the bath
 your dogs anal glands will be checked, but groomers are no longer permitted to express anal glands, this has to be done by a vet

We use a variable velocity drier & finishing drier

Brushing, Trimming & Styling:
We style your dog as agreed in the pre groom discussion if the dog is not matted.