At Pristine P
ooch Dog Grooming, I pride myself in a relaxed, friendly and loving environment for your
       dog.  I never have any other dogs in the salon while grooming your dog.  I will discuss the style you
       would like for your dog in detail and give advice or suggestions if required. 

 Please see Services page for details of a grooming session.

When getting a puppy that is going to have a coat that will need grooming and styling, it is important to
       get them used to being handled by a groomer as soon as possible after their second inoculations.
       Therefore, I offer puppy introduction sessions.  It is very important at this young age for their visits
       to be fun, relaxed and calm. Each session will only be as long as your puppy is comfortable to stay
       and you are very welcome to stay as well if you would like to.  During these sessions I will get the puppy
       used to being handled, feet touched, brushed with a soft brush and ears cleaned.  When your puppy is            ready I will add to the sessions a bath and a gentle dry.  These sessions will prepare your puppy and
       reduce their stress when the time comes for for their first full groom.

I trained 
at Plumpton College and my qualifications are:

                      Plumpton College Level 2  Dog Grooming, Grade - Distinction

                      NOCN Level 2 Certificate in Dog Grooming
                      Plumpton College Level 3  Dog Grooming,  Grade - Distinction

                     City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming